Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day at our house.

Robert, the father in question, has already posted about his day here.  (Be sure to check out the BCC meter while your there.) However, out of 3 kids, one of whom got a car just a month ago, Robert only got ONE homemade card (he doesn't like store bought ones) and it wasn't from the car recipient.  So, Andrew needs to get punched in the face.  Ben, who made me miss Mass, because he turned into Satan halfway through, said, "I'm not making a card...I hate to make cards." (Can you feel the love??) Therefore he, too, must get punched in the face. But, and this is a big BUT, at the very least, the girlie pulled through with an adorable homemade card brimming with love and devotion to her Dad. I, the wife, made a giant banner that surrounded the kitchen that said, "Happy Father's Day." What can I say...two of my kids suck!

I guess there is hope at recouping some semblance of love for their dad when we have a family carpet picnic and watch Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy tonite. 

(NOTE:  I, unlike many women, am not big on "Days" .  After my mom died almost 8 years ago, Mother's Day lost it's meaning. I'm not big on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines.  I see them as important but it's that I just hate the big deal that is made over them.  Robert, on the other hand, loves making a big deal out of things. Oy Vay! (I LOVE CHRISTMAS though!)  I just can't handle events. I just want to hang out and enjoy the day. I pretty much loathe planning parties I don't. My poor daughter; what is she going to do when she gets married?  Maybe she will be my polar opposite and love planning stuff.  See, I am totally spontaneous. I will call people in the afternoon and say, "Why don't you come over, bring the kids, and we will grill out and watch a movie."   I think being an event planner might be the most frightening job I could ever think of doing.)

From the wife who is more like a husband when it comes to stuff like this....  

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Catherine said...

I'm not a planner either. I'm always arriving at the last time, unprepared, all I do is in a hurry. That's me too. An d I arrive every time to do my best, even like that it works, with stress but it works. It concerns invitations, presents, paying bills.....I love buying presents without specific reason. For instance, yesterday we decided with Alexandra to go to the movie theatre at the last second. And we did it.