Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quirky Girl

So I went for a walk, 4 miles. I didn't blast through it at 15 minutes per mile, I think it was more like 18 min/mile.  I didn't want to break into too much of a sweat.  It never rained while I walked (Boo Hoo), but the sky is so gray and it's raining and thundering.  I just saw some lightening so I guess it's good I am not walking out there.  The best news is that when I walked earlier I didn't get hives. Yeah!  The trick may be a cooler day, taking the antihistamine and H2 Blockers (another type of histamine), and slowing my pace. We'll see.  Man, I really love this kind of day. It is just pouring

1 comment:

Rob said...

oh quirky girl,

glad you are getting a handle on the sucky hive thing.

the sun worshiper.

loving this hot weather we are having. my tan is great right now.
i'd move the family to fla in a minute if the bride would go for it.