Thursday, December 6, 2007

REAL Freedom

Yesterday was my Familia meeting. Familia is an apostolate of Regnum Christi. (Though you don't have to be a member of RC to be in Familia.) RC is very time consuming so I just stick with Familia. Anyway, the meetings are set up to read and study the Gospel, the Catechism, &Papal Encyclicals. We come up with resolutions to help us in our spiritual lives and we pray for each other.

Our Catechism lesson (taken from the Catechism of the Catholic Church) was on Man's (& Woman's) Freedom. This section of the catechism is so beautiful, awe-inspiring, and pertinent to unschooling that I just have to write some of it out for all of you to read.

CCC 1730: God created man a rational being, conferring on him the dignity of a person who can initiate and control his own actions. "God willed that man should be 'left in the hand of his own counsel,' so that he might of his own accord seek his Creator and freely attain his full and blessed perfection by cleaving to Him."

CCC 1731: Freedom is the power, rooted in reason and will, to act or not act, to do this or that, and so to perform deliberate actions on one's own responsibility. By free will one shapes one's own life. Human freedom is a force for growth and maturity in truth and goodness; it attains its perfection when directed toward God, our beatitude.

CCC1732: As long as freedom has not bound itself definitively to its ultimate good which is God, there is the possibility of choosing between good and evil, and thus of growing in perfection or of failing and sinning. This freedom characterizes properly human acts. It is the basis of praise or blame, merit or reproach.

CCC1733: The more one does what is good, the freer one becomes. There is no true freedom except in the service of what is good and just. The choice to disobey and do evil is an abuse of freedom and leads to the "slavery of sin."

CCC1734: Freedom makes man responsible for his acts to the extent that they are voluntary. Progress in virtue, knowledge of the good, and ascesis enhance the mastery of the will over its acts.

CCC1738: Freedom is exercised in relationships between human beings. Every human person, created in the image of God, has the natural right to be recognized as a free and responsible being. All owe to each other this duty of respect. The right to the exercise of freedom, especially in moral and religious matters, is an inalienable requirement of the dignity of the human person. This right must be recognized and protected by civil authority within the limits of common good and public order.

So, there you have it. Straight out of the mouth of the Catholic Church. A definition of freedom different from what the modern culture would believe. Little do they know, however, that in their seeming freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want they are really slaves to their own sins...especially the sin of selfishness which usually ends up infringing on the freedom of others. Abortion would be a perfect example.

My hope for us all is that we may truly be free and find that freedom in Christ who said, "The TRUTH will set you free."


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