Friday, December 7, 2007

Recent Family Pictures

Here are a smattering of recent photos. First is a photo of Andrew when he medaled at the November tournament (he's the tall one in the middle). He got 5th place out of over 100 High School Fencers...he was actually 1st place in pools and took 5th in direct eliminations). Way to go Capitain! He is so happy and we are so proud of him. Then there are pics of the coffee I roast at home (sooooo good); and what everyone said, on Thanksgiving, was the best pecan pie they EVER had! (I will post the recipe later) . A BEAUTIFUL open faced apple tart that was so good when fresh out of the oven and a sog-fest Thanksgiving day...(drat!!). My brother, Jonathan hugging Autumn and then with Toonces on his head. Then there are the kids picking out the real tree for downstairs. (It is up now and lit but undecorated.) The lighting of the town square. The shots with me looking good are the family Christmas photo and me and Robert after the parish Christmas party. (Normally, I'm a frightful sight of exhaustion, geeky glasses and unbrushed hair.) Then there are the cookies I baked today: Chocolate Chip, Sugar (recipe in previous post) and English Jam Tarts (not pictured but oh sooo delish!...I will post the recipe for those too!)
Last, but certainly not least, are pictures of Ben sleeping in front of the the tree, Andy laughing at YouTube, and Autumn making paperchains... all of which were taken at midnight!

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Leonie said...

I love the pics - I love seeing pics of other homeschoolers and of their lives. :-0