Saturday, December 22, 2007


I'm lost in Season 3 of LOST. I have never watched it on TV, only on DVD. Robert, Andy and I got into it over the Summer. Finally, we got our newest installment of Netflix discs the other day and it was the first 3 discs (of 7 ) for Lost: Season 3. Their arrival was perfect timing as Andrew is out of highschool for Christmas break....(I refuse to say Winter or Holiday)...and it is one of Andrew, Robert and my favorite shows. So, it's parent-bonding time with Andy. Woo Hoo! If you ever have some time to kill and want to watch something so oddly compelling...this is the show for you. I gotta run and find out more about 'The Others'. (Oh, and the cute guys on the show are fun to watch too!!)


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Leonie said...

Mmm - haven't watched LOST but we seem to have similar tastes in other areas, so maybe I should give it a try! Merry Christmas!