Monday, December 17, 2007

Pre Christmas Purge

I'm back....yeah! How I have missed my blog. Today, I have been doing what I call my pre-Christmas purge. I clean the living heck out of the kids' rooms and toss the broken and donate the unused. It's 12:30pm and I am beat. Autumn's room was a nightmare. I am all for kids enjoying their rooms the way they want to, but when it starts infringing on my property values things have to change. Andrew will be asked nicely (but very persuasively) to clean his room when he gets home. I won't mess with his stuff, but just looking in there is kicking my anxiety disorder into overdrive and I take medicine for that!!!!

I really do think that if I thought we were going to stay in this house, permanently, then I would just shut the doors to their rooms and walk away, but this house is our third in 12 years. I can see us downsizing eventually, so I really do need to encourage the kids to keep their rooms clean and organized several times a year. You know, go in, take stock of stuff, find out what they don't care about, or what is just sitting in a broken heap taking up space. I, by nature, am very "picked up and put away". There is definitely dust that needs to be swept away, and I do need to clean the upstairs toilets, the floors are swept/vaccumed but could use a mopping...what I *really* like is cleared surfaces and no clutter. I am more about neatness and organization than things being sqeaky clean. That's why, even though I am an unschooler, I am not all that great at "strewing the path" for the kids. I don't strew. I hate clutter in my house. I could care less about it in someone elses home, but in mine it actually will trigger depression. Clutter is clostrophobic to me. I don't like small spaces and I can't handle clutter, it makes me feel like I can't breathe.

So the kids' rooms get cluttered, especially Autumn's, but I don't mind because I can shut the door. Mostly she is playing with friends some rich, imaginative game and she needs her room to stay the way she has put it to continue the game the next time. Making her clean it everytime would be tanamount to working on a scarf and a whenever I am done for that day, pulling out all the stitches to start over again. But when Ben has friends over and they pull out every video game while they are gaming...that I ask to be put away before his friends leave. Andrew's is just full of papers, bags, empty candy wrappers/Monster's is disasterous! Total slovenliness is jus not gonna cut it with me. I can take only so much. However, when he has his own place someday, if he keeps it like a hovel, that will be his business. I am not the mom who would say, "You really need to keep this place picked up!" When it comes to modeling a clean, neat home he couldn't have a better mom, so if being a neatnik isn't in him by now, it will never be.

I will say, though, that the kids really love it when I go to town and clean their rooms. They walk in and go, "Wow!" and suddenly discover new toys/books that they forgot about because they were buried under something. So, in that way it is really satisfying. Plus, it teaches them, without words, that having a place for everything and everything in it's place is actually easier to live in than a cluttered space, because you take so much time looking for where you last put whatever you are trying to fing. My late grammy, G.G., used to tell me when I was a little girl (and I KNOW I got my neatness gene from her) that, "The lazy man works hardest." when it came to housecleaning. And you know what? G.G. was right!

Before I go, I don't want any of you out there ,that may be cluttered moms, to think that I judge you or think less of you. I REALLY DO NOT CARE HOW OTHERS KEEP THEIR HOMES. Everybody has to be comfy in their own spot, so do whatever floats your boat!

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