Saturday, November 17, 2007

Toonces the Driving Cat

This is Toonces. He is one of our 3 cats, and my personal favorite. He jumps from the second floor balcony onto the couch below...for fun. He opens doors (we have handle knobs). He is cuddly and purrific and just cat perfection. We named him Toonces after the famous SNL skits. Our Toonces is not driving yet, but I wouldn't put is past him. He does, however, love shoes. We call the above: Toonces on his shoonces.

Click on the title of this post and it should take you to a plethora of YouTube Toonces videos. The first one is my favorite: The Tooncinator!


Madeline said...

That video was awesome! Jesse, one of my son's, and I watched it and were hysterical. I love the pictures of your Toonces. The gerbils especially! Amazing.

Wendy said...

I remember Toonces! That was way back in my college days.

I have tagged you for a meme. I hope that's okay. If not, just ignore it. I can take it :)
Wendy @ WMF

Rebecca said...

I cannot believe you have a cat named Toonces. I had a pretty little girl cat ten years ago named Toonces. She was my favorite ever. She did not have a white belly and chin like yours, just all grey tiger stripes. She was such a good cat! Now you are making me want a cat again. :)

Greenlee's Forest said...

Mama, I'm cracking up over your Toonces! I remember those old SNL episodes! :)

Also...I love your music list! I love those groups too.