Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Attempted Homeschool

That should be the title of my blog, but I have changed it so many times that I won't go there. 

Before I launch into my 'attempted homeschool' I must say that I am writing to the wondrous tones of the pupster, Tivo, wailing behind me in his crate. I took him out for a walk and, in his inimitable Sibe style, he walked and plopped down, all four legs spread out (no kidding), head down and looked up at me with those striking blue eyes as if to say, "When it snows I'll go anywhere but, at this moment, you can forget it b**ch." So, we walked home. Okay, I walked home and he swept the sidewalk as I dragged him by his harness.  He likes doing that at home. He's kind of like a really cool cat hair sweeper. Anyway, I digress. We get back to the yard and I unhook his leash and he hauls ass across the yard to a basketball. I love watching dogs try to get basketballs in their mouths. Cats would never stoop so low as to do something so ridiculous, right Toonces?  (My kitty is nodding....from the basement... because he's too much of a pansy to come show this dog who is boss.) Well, I wanted to wear the Tivo out so he would stop using my arms as rawhide bone substitutes. Since he wouldn't walk and wanted to come in, he started to play: let's eat mommy. I don't like that game,so I told him he needed to relax and go sleepy in his crate. It's an odd sense of liberation to let a dog cry it out because I wouldn't have been caught dead letting a baby (human) do that. I guess I am an Attachment-Style mom and Ferber-Style dog owner. Hmmm???

Back to what this post was supposed to be about...attempting to homeschool.  Yes, I am an unschooler. That is me in my soul. However, what worked for Andrew doesn't seem to be working for Autumn (and was a dismal failure with Ben...thus his attending a private school). Therefore, in an effort to try and get Autumn to put forth some effort, and with a little help from Aesop and the story of the Ants and the Grasshopper (moral: there is time for work AND time for play) , I have devised a little lesson plan. Autumn has OK'd this plan.  And here it is:

Stuff we read together. 
Listen, Read & Learn (very cool books which I got from Sam's, for $7,  that have a CD which reads classic stories. Autumn follows along and at the end are phonics, comprehension, writing, etc all related back to the story. It goes without saying this is great in the car.)
Mostly life
Progress In Mathematics (a very cool and colorful work/text)
Whatever the heck we want to talk about
Cool stuff on Discovery channel
Catholic Stories from Science 2 from Catholic Heritage Curriculum (We both love this book!)

This is what she has going on during the week.
Tuesdays Home School Art class at the Parks & Rec, from 1:30-2:30pm, then we pick up Ben from school and go back to the Parks & Rec for Homeschool Park Play Day until dinner time.
Thursdays Home School Clay class at the Parks & Rec from 1:30-3pm
Saturdays Figure Skating Lessons from 12-12:30 (she is super excited about this and it starts tomorrow).

I am going to try and find more cool field trips to take and we will hopefully join our local TORCH group for some too.  (The name means Traditions Of Roman Catholic Homes).  Of course, I want to include as much fun, unstructured time with friends as I can too...oh, and squeeze in a Daily Mass once a week...at least. Oh yeah, and speaking of Mass, Autumn wants to take Alter Server training. I know for some of my more traditionally minded Catholic friends this might not sit too well. But hey, if it will draw Autumn more deeply into the Sacrifice of the Mass then I am all for it. Neither Ben nor Andrew showed any interest. Yet, when Autumn found out, after receiving her 1st Communion, that she would be able to be an Altar Server she begged me to let her. Mother Church says it's fine so Tumnal is on her way. 

Now all I have to do is find the time to make all of this happen....hmmm....how am I gonna do that?
Here is Tumnal and her new 'do' after she cut out a brush which she got stuck in her hair. Pretty cute, huh?


laughin said...

I have to laugh because I thought the post was going to be about homeschooling the dog. Which I guess you are.

Sara said...

Thanks for the award!

Homeschooling is all about doing what's right for the child, isn't it? Unschooling is great if it's working for them, but some kids want more structure. Moms might not, but it's not about us, is it? Darn it.

Leonie said...

Very cute hair - and I hope the plans go well. Mine never do! lol! Good luck wth the altar serving - some of my kids serve and it is very special for them.