Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ben!!

Here he is with Tivo. Ben woke us at 7 to open his 2 gifts...a Nintendo DS and one game for it.  Now Ben can be plugged in the Matrix anytime anywhere. Woo Hoo! We only do parties for the kids once around 5 or 6 , then once at 13 and once at 16. So, what we do normally is take the birthday kid where they want to go for dinner and a movie of their choice. Ben has picked the the 3rd movie in the Mummy series. It could not be more perfect for Ben. He  loves ninjas, zombies (mummies), dragons, action. It opens today and you would think that it was set up just for Ben.  I think Brendan Fraser is pretty cute, so I cool with the pick.

Happy Birthday my sweet Ben! You are a challenge to parent, but dad and I love you desperately! We Love you!  Below is Tivo attacking Ben in 'comic book' effects mode on Photobooth.


Leonie said...

Happy birthday!

Rob said...

Happy Birthday Ben and Happy 7-week B-Day Tivo