Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Hunny sums it up quite nicely

Here is a bit of what has happened with Ben's first week at school. My husband's post does not cover the epic meltdown Ben had, this morning, on day 4 of school.  He was crying and screaming and was NOT going to go to school. He decided that he would be homeschooled (not a good idea for Ben or for mommy!!) and so would not get ready to go. I had to get, Walter, his homeroom teacher, on the phone.  At Ben's school students, parents and teachers are all on a first name basis. Also, one's child's homeroom teacher is also available by cell phone until about 9pm.  Yes, it is a VERY cool place.  So, we get Walter on the phone and he has a brief chat with Ben and then Ben hands the phone back to me...a bit calmer. Walter then tells me that he let Ben know that tomorrow is Free Friday (this school also only does academics until lunch, Mon-Thurs, after lunch are kid chosen electives, and Fridays are fun days they do neato stuff) and that if Ben comes in today then he will be able to join in the fun on Friday.  However, if Ben stays home, when he comes in on Friday he won't be able to do all the fun stuff. Ben decided to go in and ended up having a decent day.

BTW, this morning my sweet Hunny freaked out too in response to Ben's freak out and I was happy to be in a very calm place so that I could help them both.  When I got back,from dropping Ben off, Robert thanked me for being a calming influence (usually not my forte). Robert, it seemed, had so much vested in this new school being so perfect for Ben (which it is) that he figured Ben wouldn't have any meltdowns about it (which is a pipedream).  I told him that we both have to remember that Ben is not fixable. His issues are manageable. Kinda like all of mankind. Our sin is not fixable. It is managed by Christ's redemptive act and God's amazing grace...but it is always there. Freaking out, for Ben, is the rule...NOT the exception. So, I told Robert to see, as exceptional, the times when Ben is happy to go to school, but to fully expect the meltdowns. Eventually, they will slow to an occasional event, but until then we need to buckle up and hold on for our lives because it's going to be a very bumpy ride!

Tonight was the school kick off picnic at Ben's school.  Just he and I went because Robert was working late, Andy was busy, Autumn was at a friends. We took Tivo and he was a huge hit. It was a great idea because I got to meet a bunch of the kids at Ben's school and it confirmed to me that Ben was in the RIGHT place. Lots of prayer has gone into this decision so it's nice to see God give me bits of confirmation here and there about it being the right decision. 


Kathleen said...

Yea for calming influences! You go girl. Glad to see that school is working out well. I knew it would.

Doesn't Andy start Monday? Wow!

Love to all!

laughin said...

Good luck with Ben.

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

YAY that Walter is Bens Homeroom teacher...he is AWESOME, and has been great for my cousin's kid. He is a teacher that REALLY cares and if anyone can get Ben to try, he def can. You guys are in my prayers.