Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Dog = No Blog

Here's Tivo a week later. He has gained 1.5 pounds. He is doing really well on the leash and with crate training (which, btw, is exhausting...and the reason my email inbox is bursting and I haven't blogged!) I have signed us both up for Puppy training at Petsmart. It starts a week from Saturday. To be honest, I can not wait until he's able to hold his pee through the night and has gone through Puppy, Intermediate, & Advanced training. We got a puppy so we could integrate a dog with the cats, but man, puppies are alot of work. By December/January when he is 6-7 months, we should all be in a better place and I will have a running buddy!


Rob said...

Hey stranger! Have fun with the doggie school at petsmart...i should send some of my kids to it.

Anonymous said...

the dog is still cute. here- the website is great but beware spoilers. however, check out her playlists for all the books. I love this author...not as much as Edward Cullen, though.


Anonymous said...