Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Brillante Awards

Look to the right and you will see my newest award. You can all sit down now. I would like to thank my 'peeps' (and you know who you are) for making me so completely insane that I had to write about it, or jump off the roof!!! (click the title of this post for a pick of the award to post on your blog).

Thanks, Rob, for the nod. It takes a brilliant mind to know a brilliant mind, eh ? (and I *am* almost as crazy as you, but you will always take first place in my book!)

So, I have to nominate 7 other people and I know *just* who they are:

My Hunny- his picture is next to the word 'Brilliant' in the dictionary!

Kathleen-who, by virtue of the fact that she is 'the woman who knows everything' is obviously brilliant

Sara B.- who finally got around to writing a blog of her own which, of course, is brilliant

Sara S.- she's just plain brilliant

Wendy- whose blog I haven't visited in awhile but amazes me with her brilliance

MaggieC- & Ukok because as Brits they are bloody brilliant!

Leonie-the brilliant babe Down Under!

There you have it. 


Leonie said...

Thank you once again - from one brilliant babe to another! lol!

ukok said...

Oh wow, i am extremely flattered, Rachel. I think you're pretty darned brilliant too y'know!

Wendy said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks.
Your pretty brilliant yourself, ms thing.

MaggieClitheroe said...

Well I never! When I first came over to find out what my award was, I was horrified to see a post all about "kick ass" awards, and wondered how I would tactfully decline the offer - since I have no idea what "kick ass" means, but it sounds awfully rude!!!! Imagine my delight to find I was not on that list! However, now I have just returned from Lisieux, where I especially prayed for all the married bloggers I know at the tombs of Louis and Zelie Martin, I feel the modest example of these two exemplary Saints compels me to refuse an award of Brilliance; yet my true egotistical nature will override any false notions of sanctity in myself, and I unhumbly accept!!!
PRAY PRAY PRAY about letting Autumn become a "Serviette", as we Traddies so rudely call them - pray especially to Margaret Clitherow, and Louis and Zelie Martin, and if you are still convinced, then I will say no more.