Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bread of Life

I am not a vegan or vegetarian, however, I find I don't eat a whole lot of meat since losing the brunt of my weight. I absolutely push the highly efficient clean burning carbs (starches...God forbid!) and I feel tons better when I do.

I found this article written by a very famous doctor, John McDougall MD, who though he would be considered a vegan doesn't like people to refer to him as such. (He even makes a point of having a slice of turkey on Thanksgiving to prove it). He says he advocates a Starch-Based Diet. He doesn't seem politically or spiritually motivated to be vegan, it seems totally health motivated. He suffered a horrible stroke at 18 because of a cholesterol level that was near 400. He was very overweight, but in med school he interned with Japanese docs in Hawaii and noticed how they were all so slim and ate mostly rice. He followed suit and lost weight and dropped his cholesterol to 150. Unfortunately, he still walks with a slight limp due to his stroke at 18. I think he is in his 60's now.

 I could never be vegetarian, because I love cream in my coffee and an occasional burger, but I love that Dr. McDougall advocates for GRAINS.  They have received such a bad rap since the Low Carbers hit the scene. If God Himself deigns to come to us in the form of bread and wine (and not steak and wine) well then, I think there is very important lesson there: Bread is the staff of Life (both physical and spiritual). 



Robert said...


As I recall, when somone, *cough* YOU *cough*, was passionately pursuing Adkins about five years ago and was berating another certain someone *cough* ME *cough* for a different approach, someone #2 said,

"Hey...Jesus loves bread. He was always eating, breaking it, passing it out, even when there wasn't any to pass out. He even comes back to us cleverly disguised as bread. I'm sticking with bread."

I want a bloody asterisk on that post.

* As my Hunny pointed out to me many years ago...


xxx ooo
Abe Froman

Rachel said...

FINE! You are right, I was WRONG! How's that?! I bet you weren't expecting that, huh Abe?!?

Human are not wolves or lions. We aren't meant to be eating so much meat. We don't have short digestive systems like carnivores. And our brains are carbohydrate sinks not protein sinks.

Atkins, Protein Power, Sugar Busters: I have read them all and tried to follow them and it's not sustainable.

Get ready world my husband is right...for once. Just once. :-)