Monday, February 18, 2008

Pictorial of Autumn's 8th Birthday

Autumn outside 'Dreamland' BBQ...the girl loves RIBS!!! She calls it "DreamLAMB Bar B Cube!"
Going crazy for ribs...her choice for her birthday dinner.  She' no vegetarian!
            With Mom (me) who really needs to put on some make-up...YIKES!
         With her fabulous homemade by mom, "Ty Girlz" cake!
                    With my brother, her Uncle Jonny!  She LOVES him!!!

1 comment:

ukok said...

My son is exactly the same way about ribs, he loves them! Every birthday his first choice of food is 'ribs', of course not many restaurants (no fast food) serve ribs so we have to cook them at home!

p.s. belated birthday greetings to your little girl!