Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well, I gotta say I am totally psyched that Huckabee is doing well, especially in the South, and that it looks like he is going to win GEORGIA! Yeah!

Huckabee is also proving that this is not just McCain's race, as the pundits have been suggesting, and thus is letting the more Socially-Moderate Conservatives know that there are very vocal and active Socially-Conservative Conservatives out there and if McCain thinks he is going to get the nomination, well then, he better move a little more to the right, especially when it comes to immigration. IMO, Romney, though interesting, seems kinda like a poser to me. He has not been, throughout his career, as completely conservative as he purports to be now. I'm just not buying it. He reminds me of a Republican version of John Kerry.

I can hear Laura Ingraham on FoxNews talking about how if McCain becomes the nominee for the Republicans he is going to have to build a bridge to Conservatives...and she is RIGHT ON THE MONEY!! Start building now, John, NOW!

I am not Liberal politically (only liberal when it comes to homeschooling philosophy), but I have to say that, if I were Liberal, I would vote for Obama. As far as Liberals go, I really like him. His website is great. He has really motivated young Liberal voters and I am really happy that he is squashing the Evil Witch of the East, Hilary, here in Georgia! Might I just add that this whole Obama thing is just proving, yet again, that America is not racist like some many Liberals always want to say that She is. Obama is getting a huge white MALE vote tonight. So, can we shut up and stop with the race-baiting...Bill Clinton et al? And just to let anyone know reading this. You know who I would have LOVED to run for President?...A black woman...Condoleeza Rice. I think she is awesome. And back in 2000 my initial pick for Republican nominee was a black man...Alan Keyes. To me, it is not your race, it is what you stand for. End of story.

Overall, it is looking like Tuesday evening, here in the States, is proving to be quite and interesting and exciting night...certainly better than the Superbowl. Then again, I don't watch the Superbowl, I tried, because the commercials are always cool, but I am just NOT into it. Politics is definitely, to me, a whole lot more fun. I can't wait to hear what Dick Morris is so going to say about all this.

In the end, no matter what side you are on, if you are participating, I am happy. We need interested and active Americans...not passive ones.

Good luck Huck!


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