Saturday, May 3, 2008

Autumn's First Holy Communion

Our daughter, Autumn, finally got to receive Jesus today. She was beautiful and so excited. I was stressed out because her veil kept falling off and the CCD teacher sitting with her group came to get me, during Msgr's homily, to fix it.  I had to take it apart and rig it so that it would stay, which it did, barely, until after she received our Lord.

I am so excited for her.  Now she and I can attend daily Mass, a few times per week, because she knows she can have Jesus. I rarely take her to daily Mass because she has always felt so left out. Not anymore! Yay!

Her BFF, Morgan, also celebrated the sacrament today.  So, afterward Morgan's parents, Lisa & Bob, along with Robert and I , threw the girls a combined 1st Communion party at Lisa & Bob's house. Most of our friends from Church were there and everyone had a great time. 

I will post pics as soon as I can get them downloaded.



Sara said...

She was so beautiful; I sat right behind her which was all gift.
Alleluia! Please email me some photos, ss

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Congratulations to your dear girl!

How very special to be able to receive!


Rebecca said...

Congratulations to Autumn on her special day! God Bless her!

Leonie said...


ukok said...

Congratulations to Autumn!

Therese said...

wonderful news. Congratulations to Autumn and enjoy weekday masses. I try and take our three at least twice during the week.


Rob said...

Rachel thanks for stopping by. That is fabulous discretion of David A. aka Baby Elmo.

But Duran Duran in the HOF?! And you were in love with the bass player?! I don’t know. Too much of a ‘chick’ band for me. Just giving you a hard time.

I was more into the Cure, Smiths. Bauhaus, Siouxie and the Banshees, The Clash, The Pixies, Patti Smith, The Ramones etc…but my college roommate was into DD, Tears for Fears, Flock of Seagulls, Tom Tom Club etc…so we listened to it all

I enjoyed you blog too. Major congragts on your daughters 1st communion. And tell your son Andrew that I’m jealous of him getting to go to see Radiohead.

Rob said...

That should read "That is fabulous description of David A. aka Baby Elmo."

Catherine said...

Hello, Rachel. I'm french, come from Sardonic Catholic Dad. I was reading comments on his blog - and- suddenly - someone was writing
*M*U*S*E*. I've stopped every thing and click on your link. How happy to realize one american who know and appreciate them! I've seen them on concert once in Paris, it was fabulous. I'm with you at 200%.My daughter saw them twice . I would have loved to be at Wembley concert! We get all their album, they deserve it.

Congratulations for Autumn's communion. Here, unfortunatly no veil at all, just an alb for boys and girl the same, no flourish, celebration is generalizing, and I regret it, one day they will come in Jeans. Since I will come back in your blog, I will wait for your pictures.
Have a good week end.

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

Congrats to Autumn!!! She will be a great buddy for you at daily mass.