Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pictures I promised

The first few pics are of Autumn's First Communion. Somehow the camera settings were wrong and we only got a few clear and usable prints. So, here she is.  

I made the veil, which promptly came apart during Mass!! I had to rig it before she went up to receive. In the following pictures, which were before Mass,  it looks like it was meant to look. 
We tied her hair in rags the night before for the curls. She looked adorable. 
She was so excited to finally be receiving Jesus.  Since then, she has been much more excited about going to Mass.
The cake she picked out.  It was actually really pretty and looked like a real stained glass window. 

Okay, so the following pics are of Andrew getting his car (our graduation present to him).  He had NO IDEA we were going to do anything like this AT ALL!  The first pic is of Andy's hand pointing out the door, at the car, while he is looking at Robert, who is inside with him, as he says, "That's for me?"

Then the look of shock, awe, surprise, and love!
A very happy and excited Andrew!
Loving his new (and his very own) ride!
Thanks Mom and Dad!
This is so awesome!
Yup! Stewie (his Drum kit) will fit!
Pics below are from our visit to Stone Mountain Park (about 40 minutes from our house).
Andrew sitting on top of Stone Mountain, no doubt listening to Radiohead's In Rainbows.  The kid is just gorgeous!

Robert and Andrew found a shirt, at one of the gift shops at Stone Mountain, which reminds us all of just who the coolest of them all is. (The shirt was made to look as if the message was written on the shirt in ripped masking tape...oh so classy!)
Ben, me, and Autumn staring intently at something on top of Stone Mountain (Georgia). Autumn's shirt says
Mary is My Homegirl. A gift from my IRL pal, Kathleen.


Wendy said...

Congratulations to Autumn. She looks so beautiful.
I know Andrew will love his car. I drove a Volvo wagon back in the day when I only had two children. I absolutely loved that car, and I was so sad when I had to trade it in on a mini-van.

Leonie said...

Very cool pics - esp the FHC ones. So sweet and excited!

ukok said...

Many Congratulations to both your children! Your daughter looks so delightful in her First Holy Communion dress, and your son, well what a great moment that must have been for him, to receive such a special gift!


Catherine said...

Autumn looks fabulous in her First Holly Communion! That's a so great Day!
Concerning Andrew's present, I won't tell Alexandra what he has obtained for his graduation! she would probably ask for the same! ; )
That's a great present for a great occasion! Congratulations to Andrew.
So, reading blogs, I notice it's time for graduation! Does it mean you're ready for holidays too?

Therese said...

I love love love Autumn's dress.

Down here not many of the children dress up much less wear a veil. I have got my two girls to dress in a white dress but they haven't wore a veil.

Rob said...

great pictures of Autumn! (the other ones are cool too)