Saturday, May 10, 2008

If you don't like the music, scroll down

I grabbed a music widget that I like more than the last one I tried. It's at the bottom of my blog.  If you don't like the music just scroll down and hit pause.  Oh, I found the widget at the blog: Sardonic Catholic Dad.  He is hilarious!

Rockin' & Bloggin'


Catherine said...

You know what Rachel, we're going to become GREAT FRIENDS. The
MUSE-IC? we're ok otherwise I wouldn't have come to see you in your blog. That's so rare to find blog with english music in your country!
I was glancing at your profile, I saw you love Brontê's sisters! I love them too. I've read a biography of them all (do you know they also have a brother, who was an artist too, he was a little smothered- is it the right word?- by all these women personnalities). If you can, read it.
And Jesus de Nazareth!my favorite! my Catholic school had taken us to the movie theater to see it. I've never forgotten it since.
What else? you like Annie Hall. It seems that your fellow countrymen doesn't like Woody Allen so much. Have you seen Match Point? Scoop? or Mighty Aphrodite? I like this kind of humor.
I'm sure I will keep finding other common points but it's late here,23.59 exactly the charm is going to vanish, I must close my blog for today.
Once again Happy Mother's Day with tons of books and time to read it.

Rob said...

Sweet music selections. Well other than the Duran Duran.
‘Just Like Heaven’ just might be the best pop love song ever written.
The few cool radio stations we have here play a little bit of MUSE but not enough. I need to download some from ITunes.
I’ve been on a Foo Fighters kick for the past 6 months for some reason.
It’s been awhile since I’ve heard Telegram Sam, thanks for the memories. I have Bella Lugosi is Dead on my IPod and hear it at least once a week while running.

Have a great Mothers Day tomorrow
Or as we like to say around here ‘every day is mother’s day’

Rachel said...


With 11 very cute kids everyday must be Mother's Day! I hope your 'hot' wife has a wonderful one. I am working on getting 'hot' again myself, though my Hunny tells me I'm perfect as is. (But I think I can improve.)

Oh, and after what you said about Duran Duran I just had to include one of their songs. :-)

Time for SNL...gotta run.