Friday, May 30, 2008

Robert and I have both been married THREE times!

To each other! Gotcha!  

Today is the anniversary of our Civil wedding: May 30, 1995.  We had bought our first house and didn't want to live together. Andrew was our only witness.  If you are wondering why Andrew was our only witness then please read this beautiful post.  The 2nd wedding was our Protestant wedding on November 11, 1995.  Andy was our ring bearer.  Our third wedding was at our parish, St. Andrew (yes, I love that it's St. ANDREW) when I was brought into the church and our marriage was convalidated.  That was November 11, 2003.  Our friends Rhett and Kathleen, who were our sponsors and witnesses for our Catholic marriage, gave usa card that said, "If you have married each other 3 times you must be meant to be." 

So, to my Hunny, my very own Prince Charming (even when you are not so charming):

Happy 1st Anniversary of 13 years (feels like 30).

As always you are the
 love of my life, 
lust of my loins, 
guard at my back, 
fabulous dad to all our kids, 
an amazing provider, 
our stalwart supporter, 
my best friend, 
my sexah lovah, 
secret joke sharer, 
coffee co-addict,
and God-given soul mate.

I will forever be the nagging pain in your butt who spends too much money.

"I know you of old" (wink)

Sending  waves of love your way.

Love forever, 
Your Hunniest of Bunnies


Robert said...

(sniff) I'm amongst yourselves

Back atcha HB

Rob said...

Happy first anniversary. Have a great day you two.

I also went and read your birthday post for Andrew. Thanks a lot for making me cry at work. I’m an Ironman for crying out loud. I have a reputation to keep up.

Peace out

Catherine said...

That's long term renewed We have had Commitment!
We have had pretty much the same process. Except it was certainly easier to assume in France. And we were older.

Leonie said...

Wow, congratulations..

Therese said...

congratulations. I left a comment on your son's birthday post too. My children expect me to cry at least once a week while reading other blogs. They don't even bat an eyelid now.

momto5minnies said...

Found you through Rob's blog.

I have been married 2x to my husband. The first civil wedding was 5/27/95 and the second was my Catholic one 11/27/01. Every 6 months we just celebrate.