Saturday, March 1, 2008

College here he comes!

Andrew got his acceptance letter to Georgia State University.  He will be majoring in Film and is very excited. He's been up to a lot lately.  Last weekend, at the Fencing tournament, he won all his 'pools' and then Medaled in 6th place over all (1-8 are given medals).  Tonite,  3/1,  he has his first gig with his new band,  Iconoclasts.  They are very excited.  They are doing a couple of original songs and one cover, Blur's Song 2.  Andrew is lead singer...shock of all shocks!  Drumming and singing...I 've gotta hand it to him for coordination.

Now all he has to do is maintain his B in Math and he is set for the Hope Scholarship (which pays state college tuition).  He has a 3.8 GPA,  (this from a child who was unschooled through 8th grade, barely formally taught, very much self directed, so I'm sticking my tongue out at all you naysayers of unschooling!!)  but the stupid Hope Scholarship people just made it more difficult for students, so only what they deem as 'Core' courses apply for Hope.  One needs a B average in all core courses.  Andrew is okay in Math, but he's been in Film/Video for 4 years and consistently makes A's, as well as in subjects like Lit, Econ, History.  And even though Film is his declared Major all the fabulous work he has done in school regarding that field of study doesn't apply.  What crap!  I am sure he will do fine in Math and everything will be okay. Schools, UGH, they really make me want to scream!

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Leonie said...

Congrats to your son!