Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Cook MUST win American Idol

When someone makes me actually *like* Michael Jackson, and Lionel Richie, that someone needs to win.  Besides, he is really talented and cute.


Melissa Wiley said...

I, too, was blown away by his Hello and Billie Jean. After Hello, I told Scott, "I would totally buy that on iTunes." And I think I've only ever bought about six songs, so that's saying something.

But I really like Brooke, too. I'd like to see it come down to a contest between the two of them.

Is it just me, or do you feel sorry for Michael Johns and Carly? (Oh, wait, I just remembered you've got a Michael badge, so maybe you don't feel sorry for him, maybe you think he's got a chance.) I think both Michael and Carly are very, very talented, but they seem pale beside David C. and Brooke. It's got to be frustrating for Carly especially. The judges have been pretty hard on her.

Um, not that I watch American Idol or anything. LOL LOL LOL!

Rachel said...


We totally love Brooke too! I am so glad that she is hanging in there, and much to Simon's chagrin (I am sure) she has still not seen and R rated movie. I thought her version of Let It Be was awesome. I got that from iTunes too.

I think Michael Johns and Carly are really talented and I think the judges have been harsh. I really can't stand Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I thought she nailed it. I thought she nailed Blackbird too. So, I am not getting their problems.

I wish David Archuletta and Ramiele Mulabay, who seem sweet, would just go away. But they have fan clubs of tons of pre-adolescent teens, so he's probably going to stay.

I think Chickezie and Amanda should still be there instead.

Not that I watch American Idol or anything either (ahem).


Rachel said...

Oh, and as incredibly shallow as this seems, I think David Cook and Michael Johns are adorable. ;-)