Friday, March 14, 2008

Spitting Nails!

GRRRRRR!  I am so mad, SO MAD!

Just a few minutes ago, on The O'Reilly Factor, Bill had on two women who where Obama supporters.  One knows Jeremiah Wright, the controversial pastor of Obama's church, and the other was just an Obama supporter who knows of Rev Wright.  Both of these women were black (I am NOT using African American, because I do not refer to myself as Anglo American, I say I am white).   They both defended Rev Wright's anti-American, anti-white rhetoric.  And when Bill asked them if a presidential candidate went to a church where the pastor espoused the teachings of the Third Reich, neither of them answered.  HA!  They were both yelling so much I doubt they heard him.  They kept saying, "You don't know what it is like to be black."  And both said they totally understood where Rev. Wright was coming from and that there was nothing wrong with what he has said.  

So, let's just put this in perspective. It's okay for Barack Obama to be affiliated with this pastor, and be a member of his Church (for 20 plus years no less), and in NO WAY does that affliation have any impact on Obama's beliefs about America or whites.   So, then that would mean it would be okay if John McCain had a pastor who preached anti-black rhetoric?   Somehow, I think, that if John McCain were affliated so closely and for so many years with a person who was a racist hate monger (as is Jeremiah Wright) he would be eviscerated by the media (CNN, NBC, CNBC, CBS all those places that have virtually ignored this Rev. Wright story) .  And somehow I don't think, for a New York Minute, would the media give McCain a pass, just because he writes a paper saying, "I was never around when he said those things.  I completely disagree with him.".  Yeah right!  I wouldn't give McCain a pass if something like that were true.  Rev. Wright went to Libya to have a visit with Khadafi, he gave Farrakan an didn't know about that stuff either, I guess?  Hmmmm,  and then you said in a speech that 'they were just words, and you can't believe everything,' yet in other speeches you talk about 'the power of words'...well which is it?

If you completely disagree with Wright, Obama, then you are going to expect people to believe that you NEVER heard Rev. Wright say any of those things?  Never?!?!  In over 20 years, you have always been away when your pastor has said something stupid and inflammatory?!? Really!?! If the shoe were on the other party's foot, the public would be demanding blood!  I'm so sick of the political double standard.  I am so sick of someone like Rev. Wright and the audacity he has to talk about the genocide of blacks because of AIDS, and somehow it's white America's fault.  Yet when his precious Obama is so pro-abortion and that abortion is more a genocidal plague to blacks than AIDS, he's remarkably silent. And funny, Rev. Wright talks about how America deserved 9/11 because we have killed innocents during wars.  Interesting, that Wright, a self confessed CHRISTIAN man, has little to say of the slaughter TRUE INNOCENTS in this country, over 43 million and growing, due to the scourge of abortion. 



molly said...

I know I saw the same interview, it is INSANE! And so many think this man is Presidential material??? Unbelievable!!! God save us all.

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

Oh, Rachel!

I've been trying to decide whether or not to write about this at my blog. I feel very strongly about this, based on having grown up on the south side of Chicago and faced very real "reverse racism" by Wright-types -- and from those like the idiots on O'Reilly. "Reverse racism" is a silly term, as I believe that racism is racism, no matter who the perpetrator or the victim!

Don't believe Obama for one instant that he's never heard that kind of rhetoric before. It's a lie. It's omnipresent in the culture of the south side of Chicago! My guess is that Obama would never speak up against it because he is only half black and he has a complex about it.

OF COURSE it would be a different story, if we were talking about Republicans. Think Trent Lot. But I think it would be different even for Hillary. Can you imagine if someone she was connected with for 20 years, someone who inspired "It Takes a Village," were exposed as saying the same type of things about blacks? Hillary would be run out of town on a rail. The double standard is disgusting.

If I feel I can do it without getting too upset, I might still write about this on my own blog. I can even provide a photo, courtesy of family still living in Chicago, of "poor downtrodden" Rev. Wright's large house in a posh (dare I say it, predominantly WHITE) neighborhood.

Kerry said...

I found your blog and you have written everything I really wanted to write on my blog butI really don't want to turn my blog into a debate as I use it merely to update family and friends about our lives. It is absolutely disgusting to me to see/hear the double standard that exists especially in our society. I pray the media does not let this go bc I think his true character is surfacing. It makes my blood boil and I am truly afraid of the downward spiral our country will take if he is elected... we're already going downhill as it is. Plain Scary!