Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am so totally over this...but it doesn't mean Jack!

So for the last few nights, when I am pretty sure I am not doing aerobics in my sleep, I wake up with an itchy (hives) face. I am assuming that said hives are now footloose and fancy free and have decided to just break out when ever they darn well please. FABULOUS! To top it all off, my dermatologist prescribed Xyzal (a new non sedating antihistamine) to keep them under control, but my stupid managed care drug insurance are being creeps about filling it because it is a non-preferred (read too expensive and new) medicine. The thing is the samples they gave me worked great! Claritin and Zyrtec both make me sleepy...not as comatose as does Benadryl...but sleepy nonetheless. So, I have to call my derm again and find out if they got the "preauthorization" in to the Rx company so that I can get my meds and be hive free! Man, what a person do these days...oy vay!

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