Friday, July 25, 2008

My VERY hard work is paying off

I am swimming in my size 12 jeans and top. I was formerly a 14. I am shooting for an 8/10. (above)
I can see my cheekbones now and my chin! Woo Hoo!(above) The tummy is getting flatter!(below)

Look! I am now 21 pounds down and 14 away from my goal. I am still using Spark People but I did end up joining Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago for IRL support to be found at the meetings. I have been using WW along with Spark People this whole time, because I had WW materials from when I joined after having Autumn, but I didn't care much then, and only went a few times.  This time I just *knew* I would do it, because I really wanted to... for other reason. It has been a LOT of HARD WORK! But, dare I say, I am really proud of myself.  I am not one to committ to a whole lot of stuff.  My follow through has always sucked. This time, though, I realized I was worth the work and had to mussy up out....DISCIPLINE!  Now, if I could only employ that word better with my kids!

Tonight is 'Date Night' which we are resurrecting from the long dead after reading some posts by my friend, Rob. A friend of Robert's told him about the best Vietnamese restaurant in Atlanta. Oh, did I tell you guys my favorite Vietnamese place, 2 miles from our house, burned down?! No one was hurt but they are not reopening! SOB!! So, this other place is about 30 minutes away. It will cost us more in gas than it will to eat.
But I am psyched! This cuisine is high in fresh veggies, herbs, grilled meats, low cal, and so delicious!!! I am glad it's my favorite, because it won't do me in weight-wise.



Robert said...

I used iphoto to remove the bathing suit.... Muahahaha!!

Sara said...

You look great and I'm sooooo jealous! I've been trying for years and here I sit at my postpartum weight. :-( Gaining the 10 after Mom died didn't help.

Leonie said...

Wow, you look great!!