Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I just couldn't resist...yes, it's The Doctor!

He's a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He's 903 years old. If there's danger, he's the man who's going to save your life - and everyone on your planet. Got a problem with that?


Robert said...

How about a little QC on the title text there missy. I believe you meant to say, "I just couldn't resist..."

And where is the notation give me, you humble, and slightly oppressed Hubby credit for turning you on to the Doctor.

And, I might add, doing so knowing that you'd be mooning over his scrawny limey self....now that's confidence.

Leonie said...

Oh, we are so excited now that the Dr is back on the ABC here!!

Rachel said...

QC! QC! Fine! I fixed it, but what about your comment? Reread your 2nd sentence. Isn't it supposed to be:

"And where is the notation giving me, your humble and slightly oppressed Hubby, credit for turning you on to the Doctor?"

Okay, okay....yeeees, *You* turned me on to the Doctor...now I am just "turned on"...could I maybe get some help with that. ;-)

Thx Babe!

Rob said...

never seen any of this...guess i need to sometime, eh?

Sara said...

You and me both, Rob.

I saw the spelling and punctuation problems, though. ;-)