Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I really want to RUN

Tonite, after it rained, while it was still misty and thundering in the distance, I took a walk. On my way home I ran the last half mile or so. I REALLY love the feeling of running. It is just awesome. I remember running on the track team in high school. Okay, running in Florida is never fun, unless you run it the rain. However, my high school was in Palm Beach and we would run on the bike trail along the intercostal. I loved sprinting more than anything...loved it!
The deal is, I had to put the breaks on my beginning running program (that I devised myself from internet reading) because of my stupid hives. However, I took my Xyzal today. Then, tonite, when I walked about 3 miles and just *had* to run home, I did and "Look Ma..no hives!" Granted I ran to the shower after getting a huge glass of water. I grabbed some of the ice out and ran it over my face and neck while I took a cold shower. That may have helped head off the hives too. Anyway, I am feeling kinda hopeful again. Yeah!



Rob said...

Very cool. I hope it keeps improving. maybe you will like ice-skating you can do that as exercise too...those places are cool right

Leonie said...

Gkad to hearb the hives are improving. I love hat high of cardio - I did sme Lesie Sansone workouts pos surgery and some have jogging sections. fun!