Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toonce -A- Lovin' - Time

That is my sweet Toonces.  He wants to be loved and wants his canned cat food. This is what he does to get my attention and it works! Look at that white belly. I call him my oreo because he has a white fluffy center.



Catherine said...

So funny, Rachel. Oreo! I like this nickname.

Catherine said...

Rachel, it seems like you were visiting me, while I was reading your posts.
"An american right of passage" you get the same expression as ours 'c'est un droit de passage'.
Hope you'll find the energy, to get to Disney, distances are really different, we just have to drive a few kms, here. It's not a plane travel!
I've just had an appointment with the dermatologist today. After having taking away a mole 3 weeks ago, he asked me to do more surgery around his previous intervention to prevent let's say 'more danger'. Have a new appointment for tomorrow. That was the bad news for me. The good one, is that I still go on holiday in one week. With no sun allowed, but still holiday!
See, there's always a good side in things.

Marie said...

Hey! I tagged you for the six unremarkable quirks meme.

Sara said...

I am such a techno dinosaur! What does meme stand for and how do you put them on your blog???
I visited Kath and Sara's blogs and am having a very nice tea time (drinking iced green tea with cranberry juice) visiting my friends on the web...love in Love, SS