Monday, July 28, 2008

Time for some serious cuteness

Here are my two favorite breeds of dog. Samoyeds #1 & Siberian Huskies #2.  Samoyed are *hands down* the cutest puppies IN THE WORLD!  I grew up with Sammies and Huskies. They don't listen worth a damn, but they sure are beautiful and super friendly.

Above is a Husky talking. Gosh, I remember those days with my Husky.
Below is a video of Husky pups. Our dog Sar had puppies twice. We called them little cattle. They are insanely cute too!

One smart Sammy! My dog, Jamie, who I ADORED, looked just like this guy. And, oh, how Jame loved the wind.
And below is just was Jame used to look like when he ran through the canal behind our house. Yes! I grew up in FLORIDA with sled dogs. Methinks I wanted out of that state!

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