Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Hero

So my Hunny (above, I know such a sexah thing) called my dermatologist this morning, after my attempts to get them to help me failed. While being very nice, just persistent, he got them to finally get a pre authorization for the medicine *they* prescribed but that the pharmacy wouldn't fill. I just got a call from Walgreens and the pre-auth went through.  So, now I get to pick my Xyzal and get rid o' these hives. Woo Hoo!  HB, you are my hero. I love you!


Robert said...

Damn Skippy...don't get betwixt me and mah Hunny's Face.

(Besides I can't her looking like a Troll; I have a reputation to keep up. Don't worry...she can't see this part of the comment, I put it in Parentheses...yeah...I'm smart that way)

Rachel said...

You are a jackass! My jackass...but a jackass nonetheless!

Rob said...

LOL - I thought I was the only one that harrased their wife.
She's got a pimple on her forehead right now and I keep calling her cyclops...sure it gets me punched but it's worth it.

Hooray for getting the meds!!!

double middle fingers to the insurance/managed care whatever's who made you wait.

Catherine said...

I take the same medecine XYZAL for pollen allergy! Here, we get it as much as we want! Concerning Health here, it's paradise, I guess.